Legends Undercover

Genres cover band, rock, top 40, wedding

Legends Undercover

Legends Undercover is the all American cover band covering rock infused top 40 with a touch of midwest charm.

Based in St. Louis, MO, Legends Undercover was started in 2012, and features Porter Scott (lead vocals and guitar), Steve Gleeson (lead guitar), Keith Ford (bass) and Ben Pitts (drums). Scott, Gleeson, and Ford came together playing in a hard rock cover band before getting together with Pitts and evolving into Legends Undercover. Their high-energy performances give a gentle nod to their hard rock roots. Covering music from mostly the last 20 years, with everything from Justin Timberlake to Johnny Cash, Legends Undercover is your go-to dance band. Their contagious energy and charisma have accrued a solid following and reputation in just a few years. Whether they are pumping up a crowd post-Cardinals game at Ball Park Village or serenading a bride and groom for their first dance, these guys know how to move a room.




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275 Union Blvd
Penthouse 1700
St. Louis, MO 63108