Tim Session

Genres acoustic, folk, jam band, singer songwriter

Tim Session

Tim Session puts on a show unlike any other. Recording guitar, bass, and drum sounds (all live) into a looping machine, Session is a self-contained, one-man jam band. But Tim doesn't just use the looping machine, he plays it, incorporates it into his show like an instrument.

Tim's guitar style is heavily influenced by guitar phenoms Keller Williams and Michael Hedges. His songwriting and vocal styling is modeled after legends like Paul McCartney and Bob Marley. His lyrics reflect a continuously optimistic take on life and society. His songs are experimental and indie enough to connect with the thriving, underground music scene-yet catchy and mainstream enough to rank him easily among the finest undiscovered John Mayers and Jason Mraz's of the world. He has a stage show that is intimate enough for the smallest coffeehouses, yet powerful enough for much grander stages.


"TIM WAS GREAT! I have worked with Keller Williams for years and am very familiar with that style and really enjoyed his sets."
- Joe Grasso, Webster Farmer's Market

"AWESOME times a thousand! Tim was great and we loved working with him."
- Tracy Hokanson, Rock Valley Community College

"Tim was great last night. I received a lot of great comments about his music/performance."
- Mary Naeger, APCC

"The show went great! People kept streaming in and they really enjoyed Tim. I hope he also enjoyed himself. Thank you so much for bringing him to my attention!"
- Erin Que, Washington University

"Tim was amazing and a perfect match for the entire [Ben Lee] concert!"
- Seville Fletcher, Webster University

"He was great. Everyone loved him. Thanks so much for your help!"
- Lynne Bailey, AB

"We were very happy with his performance.  He provided a great mix of music that provided a nice atmosphere without being intrusive.  He was also quite personable and accommodating about making any necessary announcements."
- St. Louis Area Foodbank




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275 Union Blvd
Penthouse 1700
St. Louis, MO 63108